Welcome to the Oregon Pasture Network

We are Oregon’s premier network of independent farmers & ranchers who are committed to expanding pasture based agriculture across the great state of Oregon. Our membership farms lean into shared values and go beyond best practices to make better food products, steward land responsibly for future generations and create economic viability and food resilience in rural and urban farming communities.

Our Impact

As our membership grows, so does our impact. Collectively, we have :

In pastured production across Oregon
Cattle, bison, pigs, sheep, goats, yaks, chickens, ducks, turkeys and rabbits are being raised on pasture for meat, fiber and dairy products
Of recorded pasture based education resources are available to all OPN members

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Membership Benefits

Pasture focused business, grazing, and marketing education and technical resources
High touch peer-to-peer education opportunities (for free or low cost)
Exclusive access to OPN events
Discounts on events, classes and merchandise
A network of fellow pastured producers
Mentorship opportunities and more…

What Our Farmers and Ranchers Say

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    Our Ethos

    We are a community of Oregon’s independent farmers and ranchers expanding pasture based agriculture together. We believe in the power of pasture, which is the foundation of agricultural and economic ecosystems and helps our membership farms maintain viability and profitability. We continue to advocate on behalf of farmers on policy issues that directly impact their ability to do what they do best, produce healthy food for Oregonians.

    Our Dedication to Oregon’s Food Systems

    We are dedicated to contributing better meat products directly to Oregon’s food systems. We connect farmers and ranchers with eaters in communities all over the state, and when our farmers and ranchers learn more, they do better to produce healthy, nutritious and affordable pastured meat, fiber and dairy products for the families in their communities.

    Our Blog

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