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Welcome to the Oregon Pasture Network

The Oregon Pasture Network (OPN) is a program of Friends of Family Farmers, designed to support the growth of pasture-based farming in our state. OPN is a community of farmers, ranchers, food business owners and consumers who believe that sustainable, humane, pasture-raised, animal agriculture is the best way to produce animal products.

When farmers fill out an application and take the Pasture Network Pledge, they become a member of the Friends of Family Farmers community and together work to practice and promote agricultural practices that put a high value on family farms, animal welfare, public health, the planet and our local rural economies.

Pasture based agriculture cares for the animals and the planet.  Our member farms and ranches are committed to bringing the highest quality meat, eggs, dairy and other animal products directly to their communities.  Browse our listings to learn more about our farmers and their stories.  Support your local farmers and their families and find farmers in your area today!

SAVE THE DATE – Thursday, December 1, 2022 @ 1pm

Join us for our upcoming virtual Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, December 1st from 1p-2:30p. We want to hear from OPN members and this is THE moment to give us your valued (and appreciated) feedback! We’ve got lots to share about our amazing year and what great things are coming in 2023, so click HERE to register for free and attend this virtual event (there will be an awesome giveaway too). We look forward to seeing you there!

Become an OPN Member

Membership for farmers and ranchers is free at this time, and those accepted receive benefits that connect them to their fellow pastured producers, connect them to existing resources and help promote their farm businesses. Some examples of these benefits are our quarterly newsletter, a producer-only listserve, inclusion in Oregon’s first-ever, statewide pastured producer directory, branding tools and customized farm profiles on our website.

If you are a producer and are interested in becoming an official Pasture Partner, please visit our OPN Application page for directions. If you are an “aggregator” (you sell pasture-raised products produced by others) then you will need to fill out the OPN Aggregator Application. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


OPN Winter Classes are HERE…

It’s time to sign up for one or all of the 2023 OPN Winter Education Classes!

From January through March, on Thursdays, we are bringing advanced education and technical resources to our members and to the general public community of pasture based farmers!

The Winter Class Series begins Thursday, January 19, 2023 and concludes on Thursday, March 9, 2023!

In this year’s Oregon Pasture Network Winter Classes Education Series, we’re addressing some of our farmers’ most pressing issues!.

Take advantage of EARLY BIRD PRICING (from Nov 1st-Nov 30th) and sign up for the CLASS BUNDLE to save!

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In The News…

Lately, there’s been a lot of conversation about livestock, farmers, drought and wildfires.

Here’s what we’re focused on.

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Welcome New Oregon Pasture Network Members for 2022

Help Us Welcome New Oregon Pasture Network Members for 2022 Every year, we welcome new livestock farmers from across the state who are raising animals on pasture, to the Oregon Pasture Network. These farmers are the life of our program that produce pastured products for local communities where they live and farm. All of our [...]

Combating Climate Change Through Forage Plant Diversification

Together, we can combat climate change through forage plant diversification! The OPN team had an amazing opportunity to attend the second of two Novel Forage Field Tours held at the NRCS Plant Materials Center (PMC) in Corvallis on August 3rd. We learned about forage varieties that could be the future of warm weather farming in […]

IP13 Update & What Happens Next?

If you’re wondering…here’s the IP13 update and what happens next…. The Initiative Proposal 13 (aka IP13) is apparently “dead in the water”. Oregon farmers, fishers, hunters and those of us who support them can at least breathe a little bit for now, or at least until 2024 because the proponents of the Initiative Petition 13 […]

We Hear YOU! Farmer Voices on IP-13

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk in the farming community about the proposed ballot initiative called IP-13. This new threat that would put thousands of small scale, sustainable, and ethical farms out of business in Oregon. IP-13 is an Oregon ballot initiative that would effectively criminalize farming of food animals in the state by classifying their slaughter as aggravated assault. The initiative also redefines artificial insemination and castration as sexual assault. The petition would remove farmer exemptions from existing laws barring animal cruelty and target practices used for breeding livestock. We urge you NOT to sign the petition to put this measure on the ballot and tell your networks to do the same. Feel free to share the videos we’ve created by talking to pastured producers (like you).

Check out what Farmer Xavier has to say about how the proposed IP-13 initiative could impact his life, family and work!