Chemical Free Pasture Weed Management

Are the weeds in your pasture impacting your bottom line?

Eliminate them with Chemical-Free Pasture Weed Management

If you’re raising livestock on pasture, then you want to make sure your pasture is not only going to give your animals the best nutrition, but also give you (the farmer) the best ROI – without chemicals. After all, pasture grass IS their food.

That’s why we’re offering pasture classes to Oregon farmers. Our goal is to help pasture based producers optimize their pastures for nutrition, diversity and profitability. If you haven’t taken one or more of our classes, now is the time to register for our upcoming Chemical-Free Pasture Weed Management class.

This season, we are offering two pasture focused virtual classes, open to our membership as well as to the public. The first one is on Pasture Weed Management on Tuesday, October 19th from 6p-9p PST with Meghan Montgomery, an Agricultural Resource Conservationist from  Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Chemical-Free Pasture Weed Management introduces holistic management considerations for livestock producers looking to better control weeds and invasive species in their pasture systems. This course is catered towards producers already working in a rotational grazing system, and some of the learning outcomes from this workshop are to help pasture based farmers better understand factors leading to increased weed pressure. This class will also help pastured producers understand the effects of irrigation and rotational grazing choices on pasture weed management and mitigation. 

By the conclusion of this class, pastured producers will have the tools, tactics and resources to improve weed management and soil health of their property, and ultimately improve the nutritional density of their products and improve their bottom line. We hope you will join us and register today for this virtual class.

Interested in the three-part Grazing, Soils, & Pasture class with Dr. Woody Lane?

Sign up for this class happening Nov 4th-6th from 6p-9p for three evenings!

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