Pasture Plants & Livestock Nutrition w/Dr. Shayan Ghajar OSU

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This year, we are offering Spring classes with a focus on pasture nutrition, meat grading and seeding pasture. Additionally, all of these classes are best suited for intermediate farmers, who are already familiar with pasturing livestock basics.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022 6:00-7:30 PM Pacific Time

Natural Nutrition : Pasture Plants and Livestock Nutrition – Integrating Plants that Improve your Pasture Performance and Animal Health
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In this class with Dr. Shayan Ghajar, we’ll cover how to assess and manage the nutritional value of pasture for grazing animals. The class will include how to conduct and interpret forage nutritional tests; nutritional differences in forage species; how to fill nutritional shortfalls for grazing animals; and how to integrate some medicinal or health-promoting plants into your pasture.

Bio: Dr. Shayan Ghajar is an Assistant Professor at OSU with a focus on organic, transitioning, and low-input sustainable pasture and forage management for producers in Oregon. His past research has included integrating native grasses and forbs into horse and beef pasture systems as well as using proximal sensing technologies for pasture monitoring. Current interests include optimizing warm-season grazing options for Oregon; the potential use of handheld proximal sensing technologies in organic or low-input systems; and assessing the challenges faced by organic and low-input graziers with regards to pasture and forage management.

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