Fall Classes

Upcoming 2021 Classes

We know that the learning never ends for farmers and ranchers…

That’s why we are committed to offering
some of the most comprehensive educational content,
by farmers for farmers, to all of you within our community
and beyond!

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Photo Credit : Aspen View Farm – Grass Fed Lamb, in Redmond, OR

Every year, we bring farmers, educators and other professionals with relevant experience together to participate in and facilitate events that help Oregon farmers do what we do, more efficiently and more effectively.


Because things change. Customers change, laws change, processes change, threats change and weather changes – any one of these things can have huge impacts on a farm business. So, if you’re farming in Oregon, then you have experienced two, if not all of these things in the past 12 months.

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That’s why, this year, we have a unique lineup of virtual fall classes, welcoming new instructors, teaching new content, and celebrating our most popular class taught by none other, than Dr. Woody Lane.

All classes are virtual, held on Zoom in the Pacific Time Zone.
Here is the virtual class line up for Fall 2021 :

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Chemical-Free Pasture Weed Management with
Meghan Montgomery


Class Description : Chemical-Free Pasture Weed Management introduces holistic management considerations for livestock producers looking to better control weeds and invasive species in their pasture systems. Catered towards producers already working in a rotational grazing system, this workshop is designed to help producers reduce weed pressure through adjustments to stocking density, grazing patterns, irrigation schedules/water management and more.

By the end of this course, producers will have a baseline of knowledge on how management practices impact weed pressure in pasture, an understanding of common tactics they can implement in their system to control weed populations in the pastures they steward and a list of further resources to guide their continued learning on the topic.

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Livestock Parasite Control for Organic Producers* with
Dr. Charles Estill
(Veterinarian from OSU)


*You do not need to be an organic certified producer to get huge benefits from this class

Class Description : Join OSU veterinary medicine professor and practitioner Dr. Charles Estill for an evening of instruction on parasite management. This one night course will focus on acceptable methods of parasite prevention and treatment that align with the principles of organic agriculture. Pasture based livestock producers of all types are welcome, not just those with current organic certifications.

During the course, attendees will learn what factors in a pasture lead to parasite problems, some preventative strategies, treatment options for organic systems, and where to look for more information. Help raise your knowledge of animal health and boost your farm or ranch’s practices to keep livestock healthier, reduce animal stress, and save resources on parasite treatment with this helpful course.

Pastures, Soils & Grazing: Management and Analysis with Woody Lane, PhD


Class Description : This is a very down-to-earth THREE evening workshop on forages, grazing, pastures, & soils. You’ll learn how to set up a grazing system, how forages grow, what makes a good pasture, when to open the gate and when to move animals off a pasture, how to soil test, fertilize, and lime your pastures.

Three evenings of intensive online instruction from a leader in the grazing field. This class is suitable for folks just starting out in the grazing world, and people with a bit more experience who are working on rehabbing a pasture, or re-vamping their system.

A practical workshop on grazing, pastures, & soils. You’ll learn:

  • How to set up a grazing system
  • How to evaluate your pasture
  • The 4 Critical Principles of good grazing
  • When to open the gate
  • When to move animals off a pasture
  • How to sample soils and use the soil test numbers
  • Which fertilizers to use and when to apply them
  • Which forages are best for different purposes
  • Repairing pastures after a wildfire
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