6 Ranch

6 Ranch

6 Ranch is a multi-generationally operated ranch established in 1884. We raise 100% grass-fed Corriente beef that we sell custom-direct and retail throughout the Pacific Northwest. We offer the food we raise locally through Liza Jane’s Farm Stand on our ranch; beef, lamb, eggs, honey & produce.

Production Practices

The 6 Ranch prioritizes ecosystem restoration, producing healthy food and preserving western ranching traditions. We graze intentionally, utilizing Corriente cattle. We do not use antibiotics, fertilizer or pesticides. We use dogs and horses to work our cattle minimizing stress. Our 100% grass-fed cattle are harvested at no earlier than 28 months of age providing a richer flavor.

Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices

Intentional grazing (targeted, rotational). We manage our pastures by grazing for increased biodiversity and healthy soil. We monitor our grass in each pasture to ensure that plants are grazed and given plenty of time to rest and recover. We do not use pesticides which can impact soil bacteria, instead mowing or chopping weeds with shovels. Animals are grassfed and finished on pasture 100% of the time.

Environmental Conservation

We worked with partners to restore 2 miles of the Wallowa River to enhance salmon spawning habitat, including wet lands and riparian area. We participate in the Conservation Stewardship Program on our own land and leased neighbors land. We are seeding pastures and riparian areas with wildlife mixtures, planting trees and shrubs for upland bird species and creating wetlands and nesting habitat for waterfowl.

Contact Info

Email: 6ranch@gmail.com

Website: https://www.6ranch.com/

Phone: (541) 398-0016

Address: 66799 Sunrise Rd, Enterprise, Oregon 97828, USA

More Details

Offerings: Beef, Eggs, Honey, Lamb, Pork

Allows Visits and Tours: Yes

CSA or Herd Share Offered: No

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