We’re a small, family-run farm and we raise meat animals outdoors on pasture and in the woods. We regularly move our animals to fresh pasture so they can forage in fresh vegetation. Our animal partners are helping us improve soil fertility on the farm. We feed our pigs and chickens a locally-sourced, non-GMO, soy- and corn-free feed mix containing mostly Oregon-grown grains . Our sheep eat grass and hay.

Where to Find Our Products

We have a monthly, year-round meat subscription CSA with several pickup locations (and we’re adding more).  Please sign up for the CSA before January to ensure a spot in the coming year.

We offer bulk discounts on orders of a half hog share or of five or more chickens.  Contact us to get on our waiting list for lamb shares.

We attend a few farmers markets. Check our website blog for market dates.  Anything sold at the market is also available for on-farm pickup.  Contact us to find out availability.

Production Practices

We use regenerative, animal-partnering farming methods such as rotational grazing, using chickens to fertilize the fields, and pigs to clear bracken.  We feed non-GMO, locally-sourced feed and do not use pesticides or herbicides on the fields.  We appreciate and support our local, independent, humane-slaughter meat processors.  We use approved antiparasitics to deworm sheep when necessary; otherwise we avoid the use of antibiotics or other medications except to save the life of an animal.  All feed is natural and unmedicated.

Grazing, Pasture, and Nutrition Management

Chickens.  Our meat chickens free range in the daytime and sleep in protected mobile coops at night.  We move the coops regularly to distribute manure and encourage foraging.  

Pigs.  We have multiple feeding and watering stations and shelters for pigs along the field border where we need frequent pressure to prevent invasive blackberries from taking over the field.  The pigs spend most of their time back in the woods.  We use electric polywire to rotate pigs through different areas of the woods seasonally or semi-seasonally depending on how fast they clear the dense bracken (to reduce fire risk).  

Sheep.  We use electric polywire to rotate our sheep through the pasture, moving them every few days depending on forage.  Lambs are born naturally, in the field.  We do not dock tails.  Our sheep shed their wool naturally without need for shearing.

Environmental Conservation

This farm land was conventionally farmed for several decades which included intensive plowing and regular chemical applications.  We have converted it to pasture and eliminated the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, which would have run off into the local waterway, Thomas Creek.  Through rotational pasture management we are naturally improving the soil fertility.  We keep farm animals well away from the riparian zone.


Q Do you have beef?

No. Our pastures are very young and with the low level of organic matter, parts of the field do not drain at all in winter. The relatively light weight of sheep does not damage the pasture, but heavy cows would quickly destroy the grass. We will add beef to our rotation only when the pasture is ready to accommodate cows, which will not be for several years at the earliest.

Q Are you organic?

No, and we're not fans of most "organic" certifications. We know of many small farmers who are far more "organic" than gigantic corporate monocrop farms that underpay their workers and spray chemicals regularly but are certified "organic". We try to practice regenerative agriculture, improving the land more than we extract from it using holistic management techniques such as those promoted by OPN. While we don't use chemicals, the time and cost to seek organic "certification" would be a significant investment which we think is wasteful. We don't hide anything from our customers and we'll gladly answer any questions you have about our methods. We prefer to buy from local farmers whom we trust and we invite you to do the same. If you trust a label more than your farmer, don't buy our stuff.

Q Do you do farm tours?

Yes, you're welcome to visit! By appointment, because we we live here, too. We do practice some biosecurity so you can't handle the animals, but you are welcome to see the animals and take a look around.

Q Can I order a specific cut of meat?

Yes, but you may need to order up to a full year in advance. A crown roast (or any other special cut) has to come from a whole animal, and that animal needs time to enjoy a comfortable life and healthy growth on the farm before it's ready for processing. Most of our meat is pre-sold, so if you want something specific, let us know and we'll tell you when we may have it available.