Belle Mare Farm

Belle Mare Farm

Belle Mare Farm rotates crops from heritage bread and cereal grains to diverse cover crops and pastuure with a total of 9 fields ranging from 3.3 acres to 12 acres. A field remains in pasture for 4 – 8 years with livestock rotated in years 3 – 8 for to feed soil biology. The five regenerative farming practices also incorporate a mix of biodynamic and korean natural farming. Horse power is used to drill seed, harrow, haul hay and logs, spread manure, cultivate, and harvest.  The farm has hosted two Farming with Horses Workshops.

Where to Find Our Products

The farm produces from 2 – 5 beef per year.  Chickens are raised spring and fall, available by pre-order only.  Please email for the current list of what’s available, prices, and delivery information.  I look forward to providing the cleanest, most nutrient dense food possible by working closely with nature.  Thank you for your support.

Production Practices

Rotational grazing; no antibiotics; no pesticides or herbicides; grass fed on farm; all winter hay grown on farm


Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices

Cattle and poultry are 9 months on pasture, with deep litter winter shelter. Daily rotational of cows to distribute their magic microbiome.  By rotating grains and cover crops appropriately and planting mixed pastures of grasses, legumes, herbs, and forbs, the microbial activity in the soil, along with native species, increases each year. No chemical management allowed. Deep litter from winter is composted and returned to the fields with horse powered manure spreader.

Environmental Conservation

Whole farm regeneration.  Riparian restoration along Willamina Creek.

Contact Info

Phone: 971-237-5671

Address: 18100 Mendenhall Rd, Willamina, OR, USA

More Details

Offerings: Beef

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