Deck Family Farm Claimed


Organic Pasture based animal farm. Raising OTCO laying hens, OTCO & AGA Heritage Galloway Beef, Pastured Pork (No Soy,No GMO), Lamb, Roasters and operating a raw milk dairy. Deck Farm is committed to humane animal handling and environmental stewardship. Deck direct markets at 6 farmers markets and to a few co-ops and grocers.

Where to Find Our Products

Production Practices

We use management intensive grazing techniques and do not use subtherapeutic antibiotics.
Rotational Grazing

Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices

Management intensive rotational grazing. Use 3-5 day paddocks varying by season and animal units per acre. All animals finished on farm.

Environmental Conservation

Planted over 40,000 trees on farm site in last decade. Fenced off 1 mile of riparian corridor.


USDA Certified Organic
Certified American Grassfed (AGA)