Froggy Bottom Farm and Hifalutin Dexter Cattle Claimed

Grass-fed beef and Registered Breeding Stock

We have a small herd of Irish Dexter cattle in Beavercreek where we produce grass-fed beef available as whole, half, and quarter shares. We also sell registered breeding stock. Dexters are a recovering heritage breed that originated in Ireland. They were bred as a dual purpose animal that would do well on small holdings and provide milk and beef. Our mission is to help in the recovery of these wonderful cows and provide our customers with healthy, nutritious beef.

Where to Find Our Products

Production Practices

We practice managed intensive grazing. We only use antibiotics for acute bacterial infections that threaten the life and well being of the animal.
100% Grass Fed
Free Range
Holistic Management
Management Intensive Grazing (MIG)
No pesticides
Rotational Grazing

Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices

We keep our cattle in a sacrifice area from about December through mid-March. A large part of the area is underlain by a gravel pack that keeps it from becoming a mire. They are fed hay during this time. This protects our pasture soils from compaction.

We can divide our pasture into 16 paddocks with electric wire on reels. In the peak grass growing period, we move the cows twice daily. Cows are all rotationally grazed and finished on pasture.

We have added lime in years past. We used commercial fertilizer for the first three years because soils were depleted after decades of haying and no pastured animals. We no longer use commercial fertilizer or cut hay.

For pest management, we control flies using parasitic wasps and traps. We also compost in place making a manure pack in the cattle loafing area. We stack manure that collects on the gravel pack in the winter feeding area. All the manure is composted over the summer and used around the farm in the fall.

Environmental Conservation

Placed a fence around a pond.


Q Do you also sell registered Dexter breeding stock?

Yes, please contact us. We have weaned calves, bred heifers, and cow/calf pairs available seasonally.