Helios Farms

Helios Farms

Helios Farms is pioneering orthomolecular livestock farming, with an emphasis on using nutrients and maintaining microbiome balance to ensure animal health and healthy foods from the farm. We use rotational grazing on our pastures, moving our cattle, chickens, and hogs regularly to optimize the productivity and health of our pastures and animals. Helios Farms is located in Yoncalla, Oregon and is the home of Single-Moo Milk™, with each jar of milk labeled with the name of the cow that produced it. We love delivering healthy food, information, and products to our farm-share-owner community. Our farm hosts HFPMA, which is a private membership association that makes special healthy fats and other farm-raised food products available privately to association members.

Where to Find Our Products

You can find us every Saturday at the Umpqua Valley Farmers’ Market in Roseburg. In Eugene, our drop point is New Frontier Market; in Springfield, Main Street Market; and in Cottage Grove, we are at Coast Fork Farm Stand. In Portland, we have 4 drop points in NE, N, SE and Beaverton. Our SE Portland drop point is at Know Thy Food Coop.

Production Practices

We use no agricultural or pharmaceutical chemicals on our land or with our animals. Our cows eat only grass and hay and are either free roaming in the pastures or intensively managed, depending upon our team availability and other factors. Our hogs and chickens forage on the land, live in tiny houses, and eat a local, non-gmo feed that we soak in clabbered raw milk that overflows from our dairy operation.

Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices

Rotational grazing, with the chickens following the cows, so as to help improve the soil.

Our beef are raised here or by partners that use the same practices we use. No ag or pharma chemicals, un-sprayed pasture from start to finish, and are never fed any grain.

We raise heritage Berkshire hogs that spend their lives foraging on shady pasture and fed GMO-free, soy free grains mixed with clabbered raw milk.

Our laying chickens spend their lives on fresh pasture, in their single-wide laying house, or in hoop houses (in the winter). We feed GMO-free and soy-free grains and legumes mixed with clabbered raw milk.

How to Find Our Products

On Farm Sales

Via Delivery

Through a CSA or Herd Share

Contact Info


Website: https://www.heliosfarms.com

Phone: (541) 908-0561

Address: Yoncalla, OR, USA

More Details

Offerings: Dairy

Allows Visits and Tours: Yes

CSA or Herd Share Offered: Yes

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