Lulay Livestock Co

Lulay Livestock Co

A small purebred Simmental and Tarentaise operation with the goal of producing efficient, moderate and gentle cattle. We sell seed stock heifers and bulls as well as grass fed beef. We raise cattle because we believe in the lifestyle it grants us and our children. It allows us to work outdoors and know where our food comes from.

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Production Practices

Rotational grazing, natural

Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices

We run approximately 20 mother cows. Half of them are managed on pasture 100% with some supplemental feeding as needed. The other half are on pasture about 75% of the year with a period of dry lot in the winter.

The off site group are loosely rotated through 4 pastures totaling 50 acres. The on site group are more intensively grazed and rotated every 3-5 days when they are out in pasture.

Animals are finished on site with mostly grass or hay. We do utilize a clover screening pellet that we have made for our farm. If possible I would move to entirely grass fed but also want to ensure the product I deliver is high quality. So depending on condition, animals may still be supplemented in the last 60 days of finishing with a small amount (5 lbs) of grain or clover screening pellet

Cows are vaccinated and dewormed twice a year. The cows have access to a fly bag and also receive a pour on insecticide once or twice a year depending on severity.

Environmental Conservation

We live in oak Savannah that appears to be fairly healthy judging by the wildlife we see. We try hard not to overgraze so that there is good soil health and vegetation for bird and insect. We do struggle to control noxious weeds with the weed burner, mowing and grazing.

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Phone: 541-908-0619

Address: Albany, OR, USA

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