PK Pastures

PK Pastures

Animal Welfare Approved and certified Non-GMO Pastured Pork and Poultry raised on organic pasture.

We are a first generation small farm raising Animal Welfare Approved Pastured Pork and Poultry on organic pasture. Our animals receive non-GMO feed from a local mill and organic cull crops from our neighboring open-pollinated seed company. We’ve selected hearty breeds that thrive in our region and produce full-flavored meat you’ll be proud to serve at your table.

Where to Find Our Products
CSA Subscription Delivered Monthly (Choose Just Chicken or a Combo of our Pork and Poultry plus Lamb and Beef from Moonlight Farms), Whole/Half Hog Reservations, On Farm Sales, Weekly Home Delivery through Moondog’s Farm, Tentatively Scheduled to vend at Albany Farmers Market, Lane County Farmers Market (Eugene), Lents International Farmers Market (Portland), Shemanski Park Farmers Market (Portland) pending on response to the current health crisis.

Production Practices
Hearty PNW Breeds, certified Animal Welfare Approved, Rotational ‘leader-follower’ Grazing, certified Non-GMO, Organic Pasture.

Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices
Our animals rotate seasonally through our pasture and heritage oak stand. We use electric twine fencing and lightweight field structures that allow us to move our animals frequently to fresh ground. Our pigs are allowed to root to their hearts’ content, and act as our allies in reseeding the neglected hay field we inherited with diverse forage for all our livestock. Our birds day-range and overnight in the safety of the chicken tractors we move daily.

Environmental Conservation
We resow our winter sacrifice areas with organic cover crop seed and veggies for our pigs. We raise our animals on Oregon Tilth certified organic pasture.

How to Find Our Products

On Farm Sales

Via Delivery

Through a CSA or Herd Share

Contact Info



Phone: (541)666-5868

Address: 25035 Brush Creek Road, Sweet Home, OR, USA

More Details

Offerings: CSA, Chicken, Duck, Eggs (Duck), Pork

Allows Visits and Tours: Yes

CSA or Herd Share Offered: Yes

Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved, Non-GMO, Salmon Safe, Organic

Farm Practices: Non-GMO

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