Our small, sustainable, agroforestry farm is in the heart of the Applegate just past Jacksonville. We sell RAW goat milk, pork, chicken, goat meat, eggs and soon hopefully fruit.

We use holistic methods and source local and organic feed. Our pasture is transitioning to silvopasture and animals are rotated in paddocks and forage in the forest. We have planted an exotic orchard and food forest and will soon offer season fruits and nuts, plus we feed our pigs from the orchard. Animals live on pasture with daily attention; pigs get plenty of belly rubs, and goats get scratches and kisses.

Our farm is not certified Organic, however, our land is maintained 100% organically — no chemical fertilizers or herbicides. We have done extensive work to rehabilitate and protect riparian areas, as well as establishing hedge rows, and pollinator habitat.

We offer on-farm sales of raw milk products, pastured duck eggs, pastured whole broiler chicken, goat meat and whey-fruit-vegetable-fed pork.