Certified Organic Crop Producer, and livestock producer. Located in Linn County. Certified Organic Grass Hay, Haylage, Pasture, Apples, Pears and Plums through Oregon Tilth. Also offering registered Katahdin and registered Shropshire sheep for breeding and meat, as well as Angus and Hereford beef cows, Kiko goats and whole roaster Chickens. We also offer microgreens and sprouts. Microgreens are nutrient dense 7-10 day grown seedlings that are intensely flavorful fresh grown produce good for your immunity and health.

Where to Find Our Products
We do sell our farm fresh eggs directly off the farm and also our certified organic haylage for those interested in this specific feed call Brian Fearnside 669-888-5850 for haylage sales, pricing and quantities. We also sell USDA packaged lamb and beef meats and offer whole chicken roasters at our farm. Scio Farms LLC, is also at the Saturday Albany farmers market in April to November. You may also purchase online at our new online farm store at sciofarmsllc.com or contact us at 503-394-3996 sciofarmsmeats@gmail.com.

Production Practices
rotational grass grazing and organic pasture.

Grazing, Pasture over-seeding and Nutrient Management Practices
We graze on pastures not treated with chemicals, and we raise lambs and beef on our certified organic pastures year-round as well as feed organic haylage. All livestock feed outdoors unless inclement weather or lambing, then barns are available during these times. We do treat our flocks for de-worming and annual vaccines for the full health of the animals as necessary under the direction of veterinary supervision. All of our sheep are 100% Katahdin and we have a smaller flock of 100% registered Shropshires and all our lambs are born and raised here on our farm. Our Angus as well as Hereford beef stock is still growing and are the calves are also born and raised organic on our farm.


Q When is Scio Farms open?

Scio Farms is open Mon-Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm and closed on Sundays. We are a large working farm so please call ahead if you have requests or questions, so we can be available to serve you. 503-394-3996, or email sciofarmsmeats@gmail.com We love to help our customers find what they need.

Q Are we able to have a farm tour?

Farm tours at Scio Farms usually happen for interested breeders of our registered Katahdin and Shropshire breeds of sheep, because we do sell livestock. Or, we give tours to other farmers that are part of the Oregon Pastures Network. And we have given tours during lambing season when we have baby lambs to play with. We are a large working farm, so it is best to call us with your questions and needs 503-394-3996 or email sciofarmsmeats@gmail.com

Q How do you sell your meat?

At our farm, we sell meat in several ways. 1. We sell live animals. Usually lamb that is a wether, or a young beef steer. 2. We harvest lambs once per year and process them through a USDA inspection facility where the meat is packaged with our label on it for sale. We sell off our farm in Scio, Oregon throughout the year, and sell at the farmers market in Corvallis and Albany, or we can deliver your meat if you request it. 3. You can pre-order whole or half lambs once per year by calling us at 503-394-3996 or email sciofarmsmeats@gmail.com

Q What are 'microgreens'?

Microgreens are nutrient dense 7-10 day grown seedlings that are intensely flavorful fresh grown produce good for your immunity and health. At Scio Farms we are growing several varieties and offer them for sale at our farm, as well as the farmers market in Corvallis and Albany or online at sciofarmsllc.com or for requested delivery to restaurants or your home or business. Call 503-394-3996 or email sciofarmsmeats@gmail.com

Q Do you spray or use chemicals at the farm?

No. At Scio Farms we have 194 certified organic acres in Scio, Oregon certified with W.S.D.A. and are also transitioning our current certification certificate to Oregon Tilth (OT-033563). We do not spray with chemicals, nor spray crops of produce or anything. We use organic feed for the animals, organic soil and grow our own starts as well. We have certified organic apples, pears, plums and are are a crop producer as well as our livestock are born on the farm are eating from unsprayed organic grass pastures. We do not tolerate sprays or chemicals and ban using any kind of Round-up weed-killers which has been known to be so bad for the land and produce.