Willamette Valley Cattle Co


At Willamette Valley Cattle Company, our mission is to humanely raise healthy cattle which ultimately provide a wholesome and nutritious protein. Since 2014, Willamette Valley Cattle Co. (WVCC) has provided families from Eugene to Corvallis with a superior grass-fed beef, at affordable prices.

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Production Practices

Rotational Grazing

Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices

Our cattle are always given access to pasture, however in the winter they also are given access to barns which are bedded weekly. We finish our cattle on pastures as well.

We rotational graze with electric fencing and we irrigate through the Summer. We clean barns bi-weekly and store manure in a specific area. Each late Summer or early Fall we evenly spread manure on to pastures.

For weed management, we spray roughly 10% of our fence lines during the Spring.