Windflower Farm


Windflower Farm is a bio-diverse, 20-acre farm located 15 miles East of Bend, OR. We use only sustainable practices to grow our gourmet-quality vegetables, fruits, herbs, and cut flowers. Our livestock – Laying hens, Alpine goats, and Heritage pigs are raised on organically managed pastures and are certified AWA (Animal Welfare Approved (AWA).

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Production Practices

Rotational grazing
Rotational Grazing

Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices

Free 24/7 pasture access except for layer hens who come in to roost in coop at night and any ill animal needing temporary quarantine. Rotational grazing over 16 acres other than hens who are not rotated but have unlimited access to a 2 acre pasture. Animals finished on farm. Homegrown compost spread on needy areas.

Environmental Conservation

Beneficial Insect Havens scattered around farm


Animal Welfare Approved (AWA)