Oregon Pasture Education Network (O.P.E.N.) Group!

Become a member of O.P.E.N.

Together, we are expanding pasture based agriculture in Oregon, and to be inclusive, effective and impactful, we are expanding our membership to farmers and ranchers who are starting their farming journey, endeavor to sell their pastured products direct-to-consumers, and also need access to robust and advanced education and technical resources. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us.

In this group you can …


Education resources for small, independent farmers that are at the beginning of their farm journey and want to learn more before selling Direct-to-Consumers!


Connecting farmers and ranchers to each other from across the state that enable peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities.


The more we learn, the more we can expand pasture based agriculture, best practices and create access to better food, across Oregon…together!

So, what’s the difference between the O.P.E.N. Group
and the OPN Membership?

Great question. Here are the differences…



  • Membership is open to farmers and ranchers in Oregon.
  • Free listing in the OPN Pastured Producer Guide Online
  • Discounts and freebies on classes & technical resources
  • Discounts on other resources (Farm Commons)
  • Access to partner programs (Good Meat Project Marketing Cohort)
  • Free access to OPN Member Only events
  • Access to Networking Opportunities

O.P.E.N. Group

  • Discounted access to classes & technical resources
  • Discounted access to OPN Member Only Events
  • Access to Networking Opportunities



  • Raising livestock on pasture in Oregon
  • Selling pastured products direct-to-consumer
  • Submitted both Part 1 and Part 2 of the OPN Member Application during our membership drive
  • Successfully scheduled and executed a farm site visit with OPN staff and Advisory Committee

O.P.E.N. Group

  • Open to farmers and ranchers in Oregon
  • Raising or have a desire to raise livestock on pasture
  • Submitted online application any time of year



  • Free to farmers and ranchers raising livestock on pasture in Oregon.

O.P.E.N. Group

  • There is a $25 annual fee for farmers and ranchers in Oregon.*
  • There may be some discounted fees to participate in OPN Only events


*This annual fee will give all OPEN Group members access to our extensive and complete library of technical and educational resources.