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About the Course

Soil health is critical to good forage management and high yields. This workshop will cover what to do and what not to do with your soils. You will learn the principles of soil fertility and the practical skills of soil management. You’ll become familiar with soil pH, limestone, buffer indices, the numbers on a fertilizer bag, compost, root hairs, arbuscular mycorrhizae, when to add fertilizer, T-SUM 200, the effects of tillage, the 5 principles of soil health, and the best way to take good soil tests.

This is a 2-session workshop. In the first session, we’ll cover principles and practical skills with pasture soils. In the weeks after the first session, participants are asked to take soil tests on your own farm. The second session will then focus entirely on your soil test reports. We’ll review your soil test numbers and discuss how to use those values for making decisions and managing your fields. To allow enough time to have soil tests completed, the date of this second session will be in January 2021 and determined by a poll of the workshop attendees.

Course Cost and Discounts/Scholarships

The cost of the class is $35 for the 2-part series. This registration fee does not include a soil test. Participants are responsible for securing their own soil tests between the first and second meetings. Info on soil testing facilities and suggestions on which test to choose will be given in the first session. Current OPN members can attend for the discounted rate of $20. BIPOC farmers and ranchers can also receive a 50% discount on this course as part of the OPN’s commitment to equity in agricultural education. For more information on how to use those discounts please contact the OPN program manager to get the promo codes.

About the instructor:

Woody Lane is nationally known as a livestock nutritionist and forage specialist from Roseburg, Oregon. He teaches courses in forages and livestock nutrition, facilitates 3 forage study groups for farmers, and writes the monthly column “From the Feed Trough…” for The Shepherd magazine. A popular speaker across the continent, Woody has written two books: “Capturing Sunlight – Skills & Ideas for Intensive Grazing, Sustainable Pastures, Healthy Soils, & Grassfed Livestock” and “From The Feed Trough – Essays and Insights on Livestock Nutrition in a Complex World”. Woody earned his Ph.D. from Cornell University. He has been the president of the Oregon Forage and Grassland Council. Before moving to Oregon, he was the Sheep and Beef Cattle Extension Specialist for the University of Wisconsin.

Past Classes

Grazing, Soils, & Pastures: An Intensive 3-night Online Workshop

This course took place October 26-28, 2020

About the Class:

This is a very down-to-earth workshop on forages, grazing, pastures, & soils. You’ll learn how to set up a grazing system, how forages grow, what makes a good pasture, when to open the gate and when to move animals off a pasture, how to soil test, fertilize, and lime your pastures. Three evenings of intensive online instruction from a leader in the grazing field. This class is suitable for folks just starting out in the grazing world, and people with a bit more experience who are working on rehabbing a pasture, or re-vamping their system.

A practical workshop on grazing, pastures, & soils. You’ll learn:


  • How to set up a grazing system
  • How to evaluate your pasture
  • The 4 Critical Principles of good grazing
  • When to open the gate
  • When to move animals off a pasture
  • How to sample soils and use the soil test numbers
  • Which fertilizers to use and when to apply them
  • Which forages are best for different purposes
  • Repairing pastures after a wildfire

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