Oregon Pasture Network Member Since 2017
Location: Lebanon, Oregon, USA [Google Map]
Acreage: 6-25 acres in animal production
Visits: Contact to Schedule
Mount Hope Heritage Farm, located in the beautiful Willamette Valley, is a family owned and operated farm that specializes in heritage hogs. It is our belief to give each and every one of our animals the best possible life and in return, they bless us with the best tasting meat ever!

Production Practices

We believe natural is better, sows farrow on pasture with individual huts and piglets have access to pasture 24/7 beginning at birth. We never use growth hormones or steroids.

Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices

Our pigs are free range 24/7 and we use rotational grazing for feeder hogs. We never use farrowing crates or stalls. Sacrifice areas are set up for rainy seasons. Feeders are continually moved onto fresh pasture with electric fence netting pastures are allowed to rest.

We do not have a problem with insects and cats keep pests to a minimum. Manure is removed from housing and shelter on a regular basis and field is harrowed when sitting idle.


Contact Information

Please contact the farm directly for the sale pork or piglets.