Oregon Pasture Network Member Since 2018
Location: Springfield, Oregon, USA [Google Map]
Acreage: 26-50 acres in animal production
Visits: Yes
Phoenix Farm is on 30 acres of the 90 Berggren Watershed Conservation Area, owned by the McKenzie River Trust. Phoenix Farm humanely and pasture raises, goats, sheep, chickens for meat and eggs as well as ducks and rabbit. Our pastures, hay production, as well as a full range of vegetables and quinoa are grown using organic practices.

Production Practices

We use mixed species rotational grazing and create our own compost using our bedding hay and manure as well as all animal processing waste. We do not use pesticides or herbicides of any kind. We feed GMO free feed to our laying hens and broiler chickens. We have poultry processing facilities on site that we share with the local community.

Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices

Goats, sheep and laying hens full time on pasture with shelter provided by permanent barns and portable sheds. Broiler chicks and ducks spend 3-4 weeks in protected housing that includes large outdoor pens and 3-4 weeks on pasture with electronet fence and portable shelters. Rabbits are raised in pairs, in large pens (not cages) bedded with our organically raised hay, with live green feed fed everyday (weeds, veggie waste, etc.)

We use permanent cross fencing and portable electronet and electric tape fencing to rotate animals on the pasture.

Strategic rotational grazing depending on animal load and time of year and pasture condition. We have irrigation which we use in the summer on the areas that the poultry have been grazed on. We use our compost on our vegetable and quinoa production areas. Our hay field had certified organic red clover hay growing for the past 5 years, we will be replanting again this coming season. We are also looking to plant a trial area of feed peas. Pastures are limed as necessary.

We have pollinator plantings along the edges of our pastures, we are Bee Friendly Certified. We use NO chemical pest management. We compost all our animal wastes, except some of the rabbit waste which we use directly in our greenhouse. Compost is turned regularly and applied where needed in our vegetable production rotations.

Environmental Conservation

As part of the Berrgren Watershed Conservation Area we have many conservation projects going on, on the farm. 60 acres of the farm is managed for conservation and restoration by the Mckenzie River Trust.



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Contact Information

Phone Number: (541) 510-8888