Oregon Pasture Network Member Since 2017
Location: Redmond, Oregon, USA [Google Map]
Acreage: 26-50 acres in animal production
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Rickety Bridge Ranch is a small, locally owned and operated ranch located in the heart of central Oregon. We produce grass-fed, pasture-raised, Piedmontese and Piedmontese cross, beef using responsible, sustainable farming practices.

Production Practices

Hormone and antibiotic free; 100% grass fed, pasture raised; Rotational grazing

Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices

100% pasture raised with rotational grazing from spring through fall. Smaller
pastures over the winter with a forage diet and some browse.

For pasture and soil management, we use rotational grazing, pasture harrowing to renew and reapply nitrogen/manure/organic materials and decrease pests/breeding. We also pick up manure around barn and spread in fields with manure spreader.

For pest management, we use fly traps and ‘fly predators’ monthly in the spring and summer. No application of pesticides or insecticide tags, sprays or feed to the animals. Topical dewormer 1-2 times per year pending apparent pest load and an injectable dewormer annually.

Environmental Conservation

Worked with irrigation and soil and water conservation district to return an estimated 50% of water back to the river when upgrading much of our irrigation system from flood to sprinklers.


Contact Information

Email Address: ricketybrranch@gmail.com