Learn why pasture based agriculture is best:


Pasture based agriculture is not only good for the animals, but for the planet and the farmer as well!  Here are some publications and articles you might find helpful. These articles will give you a deeper knowledge of why pastured animal products are the best choice to support your community.  If you’ve come across any resources you think should be listed here, please drop us a line!


“Buying Whole Animals: Not only Tasty, but Thrifty” – Publication from Oregon State University

“Buying Locally Raised Meat for Custom Processing” – Publication from University of Idaho

“Beef and Pork Whole Animal Buying Guide” – Publication from Iowa State University

“Buying Meat Direct from Your Local Farmers” – Publication from OSU Extension


If you are a producer just getting started in the world of pasture based animal agriculture, consider checking out some of these industry publications.  In addition to the articles listed below, the Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network (NMPAN) has some informative and topical webinars for small scale producers working with processors. Thank you for raising your animals with an eye to the environment and your community.  Looking for the answer to a specific producer question?  Let us know and we will find out where to look.

“Frequently asked questions about using custom-exempt slaughter and processing facilities in Oregon for beef, pork, lamb, and goat” – Publication by Oregon State University

“The Western Oregon and Washington Pasture Calendar” – Publication by Oregon State University

“Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest” – Publication by Oregon State University

“Beginner’s Guide to Local Meat Processing” – Publication of the Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network

Financial Resources for Farmers

Financial viability is critical for ANY business, but it is especially important to small farmers! The most mundane financial tasks (like bookkeeping, accounting and “running the numbers”) can be overwhelming, so here are a few resources that can help you keep your financial house in order and keep your farm business financially efficient and healthy!

Diversified Farm Spreadsheet Template

This template can get you started creating your balance sheet, recording your asset inventory and profit and loss statements.

Download here.

Twelve Steps to Cash Flow Budgeting

This is a blog post created by Iowa State University Extension’s Economist, William Edwards. There are lots of really great open source resources on this site.

Read the 12 steps here.

Farmer Financial Management Resource Library from Tufts University

More resources, tools, case studies and trainings that can help you take control of your farm’s finances.

Check out the robust list here.

Marketing Resources for Farmers

There’s a method to marketing madness! A formula, even. Whereas most farmers and small business owners have basic marketing tools and skills at their disposal, many either don’t have the time, nor the bandwidth to implement strategic and effective marketing initiatives. If you’re one of those farmers, not to worry. We got you! Check out these resources to help you with your marketing initiatives.

Farmer’s Guide to Direct Sales Software Platforms

Check out this great resource from the National Young Farmers Coalition to help you make the right decision about which direct sales software platform is right for your online marketplace.

Download here.

Take Your Local Food Online : Webinar

Need help bringing your local food online? Here’s a webinar that will provide practical information and tips from farmers who are already using online platforms.

Watch the webinar here.

Marketing Toolkit for Meat Producers : Good Meat Breakdown

No time to make your own graphics to help inform customers about WHY your meat is better? Or maybe you need a tool to help customers choose how much good meat they’re getting from your meat share program? The Good Meat Breakdown is here to help.

Download producer materials here.