Spring Classes

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Spring Class 2022 : Ask The Expert Series

This year, we are offering Spring classes with a focus on pasture nutrition, meat grading and seeding pasture. Additionally, all of these classes are best suited for intermediate farmers, who are already familiar with pasturing livestock basics.

Take a single class for $15 or get the bundle for $50 and save.

OPN Members can attend Spring classes for FREE! Email opn@friendsoffamilyfarmers.org for the Registration Link!
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BONUS Wednesday, May 4, 2022 06:00-7:30 PM

Livestock Evacuation & Traceability ID

Featured Expert : Kristine Carter, ODA District Veterinarian

This is a BONUS session for Oregon Pasture Network Ask the Expert Series. In this session, Kristine will focus on livestock evacuation and how to prepare and plan for yourself and your animals in advance of an emergency that requires you to evacuate. We will highlight what is required for evacuation, when to evacuate and the critical steps you need to take during evacuation. In the later part of this session, Kristine will discuss animal disease traceability and will highlight the requirements for official animal ID and when it is necessary to have the animal officially identified. Furthermore, we will discuss the types of official ID and what the regulations are moving towards.

This session is FREE for all.

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REGISTRATION CLOSED | Wednesday, March 23, 2022 06:00-7:30 PM

Natural Nutrition : Pasture Plants and Livestock Nutrition – Integrating plants that improve your pasture performance and animal health

Featured Expert : Dr. Shayan Ghajar

In this class with Dr. Shayan Ghajar, we’ll cover how to assess and manage the nutritional value of pasture for grazing animals. The class will include how to conduct and interpret forage nutritional tests; nutritional differences in forage species; how to fill nutritional shortfalls for grazing animals; and how to integrate some medicinal or health-promoting plants into your pasture.

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REGISTRATION CLOSED | Wednesday, March 30, 2022 06:00-7:30 PM

Drought, Fires, Floods: Federal & State Assistance Programs for Farmers

Featured Expert : Rachel Suits, OSU

The pace and intensity of climate change has created hardship for farmers because of drought, fires and floods, affecting crop viability and economic success for small-scale, diversified farmers. There are both federal and state level loan forgiveness and grant programs available for farmers affected by climate change. This session will cover types of loans and grants that farmers can apply for and which programs might be better for your operation. We’ll also cover programs you can use to build more resilience into your farms.

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REGISTRATION CLOSED | Wednesday, April 6, 2022 12:00-1:30 PM

Integrated Pasture Management : Single Farm Multi-Species Rotational Grazing Techniques

Featured Expert : John Deck, Deck Family Farms

This class will cover rotational grazing techniques for a single farm, where multiple species of livestock graze, including pigs, beef, dairy, sheep, and chickens.  We will focus on the challenges and opportunities that accompany managing all of these species on a single farm, including pasture renovation, re-seeding pastures, best practices for seasonal management, and implementing techniques to build soil fertility over time.

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REGISTRATION CLOSED | Wednesday, April 13, 2022 Anytime*

Meat Quality : The Science Behind Pasture Raised Meat

Featured Expert : Nate Parker, OSU

*This class is pre-recorded

In this class, we take a look into the science of how pasture-based feeding systems affect varying aspects of meat quality from animals raised on forage. Topics of discussion include carcass evaluation and grading, in addition to other important meat quality parameters, processing characteristics, shelf life and nutritive value.

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REGISTRATION CLOSED | Wednesday, April 20, 2022 06:00-7:30PM

Carbon Farming : Carbon Sequestration Compensation for Farmers

Featured Expert : Dr. Ray Seidler, Retired EPA Scientist

Just in time for Earth Day, Dr. Ray will focus on a “101” style introduction to the idea/concept of carbon farming compensation for farmers, with a focus on what types of  qualifications, challenges and benefits that farmers face. In the wake of heat domes, droughts and wildfires, there is an urgent need for farmers to not only diversify their income, but also implement best practices that help mitigate the impacts of climate change – by sequestering carbon in their soil supported by financial incentives.