Support Oregon Pasture Network

Support Oregon Pasture Network


Introducing our NEW Card Series that supports the Oregon Pasture Network,
one of our programs that helps advance pasture based agriculture in Oregon…and also supports small and mid sized farmers who provide better meat to customers within their local communities!

There aren’t just any ol’ cards. These are mission driven cards enveloped with a little fun! We chose cards because we all know that there is enough “stuff” being branded and sold by organizations all over the world, but one thing we think is wonderful about cards is, they add a personal touch to communications. With all of the emails in our inboxes, sometimes it’s nice to get a handwritten card from someone. You know?

But why should you be excited about these cards?

Well, aside from how cute and fun they are, these cards are functional, printed locally, recyclable, and relevant to our farmers and our work. Not to mention, these are a LIMITED EDITION and for every donation you will receive a pack of these cards which helps directly fund Oregon Pasture Network programs.

Now, more than ever, farmers need YOU – and this is one way to make a difference for the price of a week’s worth of lattés. One hundred percent of the funds from your donation goes back into OPN to make its programming, education and resources possible and accessible to our membership…AND you’ll get some great cards in exchange.

The card set includes six cards folded and blank inside, sized 4.5” x 6.25” adorned with simple illustrations of livestock on the front. Each card boasts its own unique illustration along with a snappy saying at the bottom with Oregon Pasture Network on the front, and on the back, we gently commemorate and bring our passion together around expanding pasture based agriculture in Oregon. All the cards are blank inside for a personalized message and come with a plain white envelope for each card.

Your donations support our work!

Thank you for backing the Oregon Pasture Network, a program of Friends of Family Farmers.  Through generous donations like yours, we are able to reach more farmers, eaters and regenerative, pasture based agriculture supporters.  Your donation will go to bolster the work of Friends of Family Farmers and help all our programs thrive to keep Oregon a great place to live and farm.

When you donate to Friends of Family Farmers, your contribution is tax deductible.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and our EIN is 30-0390131.