IP13 Update & What Happens Next?

If you’re wondering…here’s the IP13 update and what happens next….
The Initiative Proposal 13 (aka IP13) is apparently “dead in the water”. Oregon farmers, fishers, hunters and those of us who support them can at least breathe a little bit for now, or at least until 2024 because the proponents of the Initiative Petition 13 have abandoned their efforts to push forward on a ballot initiative that would criminalize fishing, hunting and animal agriculture in the State of Oregon.
But what happens next?
Although we’d like to celebrate this news, knowing that the IP13 initiative will NOT appear on the ballot this November, we can’t bust out the fireworks just yet. Turns out, the same folks have proposed a similar initiative without the number one. Instead of IP13, it is now called Initiative Proposal 3 that they want to appear on the ballot in 2024.
They’ve really got a “bee in their bonnet” on this issue.
So much so, they created a new website and social media channels.
The End Animal Cruelty campaign is a 527 political non-profit petition committee with “the goal of removing exemptions to Oregon’s current animal cruelty laws”. The original petition required 112.020 signatures by July 2022 to qualify for the November ballot. Since abandoning this effort, they have shifted their efforts to the new ballot initiative which forces them to re-start the ballot initiative process, including gathering enough sponsorship signatures and requesting a ballot title from Oregon’s Attorney General. If they receive appropriate sponsorship for the newly proposed initiative, IP3 will likely require the same amount of signatures, but we’ll keep you posted.
No matter the name of the new petition, it would have a similarly destructive impact on Oregon farmers and families, hunters, rodeos, and even 4H programs for kids.
Rest assured, we will stay the course.
If you want to learn more about why we oppose this initiative proposal (and any proposal that is similar in its language and potential outcomes), please watch our video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.
In the meantime, let’s continue to show policy makers the valuable role pasture based animal agriculture plays in reducing the impacts of climate change, improving community food resilience, creating local jobs and increasing the economic viability of small family farms in Oregon! Support local farmers and find one near you.
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