Welcome New Oregon Pasture Network Members for 2022

Help Us Welcome New Oregon Pasture Network Members for 2022

Every year, we welcome new livestock farmers from across the state who are raising animals on pasture, to the Oregon Pasture Network. These farmers are the life of our program that produce pastured products for local communities where they live and farm. All of our network members are visited during the application process so that we can ensure that consumers can find the best pastured products in our Pastured Producer Guide.  We hope you choose to support these amazing farms and please help us welcome them to the Oregon Pasture Network!

Ankeny Ridge Farm in Salem, OR

Welcome to the Oregon Pasture Network Ankeny Ridge! Found on 70 acres of beautifully sloped pasture is Ankeny Ridge in Salem. Here, Nate Jeske, farm owner, is raising cattle for meat production. Ankeny Ridge has been in his family for 25 years, and he has been dedicated to ensuring it is sustainable for the future. Working with the Marion Soil and Water Conservation District he has transformed his pastures and he has further improved sustainability by reclaiming grocery food waste as supplemental feed for his animals. Apart from cattle, he uses goats to clear brush and raises turkeys for friends and family.

3 Hen Farm in Eagle Creek, OR

Welcome to the Oregon Pasture Network 3 Hen Farm, we are happy to have you! Goats, chickens, turkeys, and did we say goats? Well that is the name of the game over at 3 Hen Farm. Rebecca Ward works hard on her 7 acres of diverse pasture, implementing an intensive management protocol. She has planted multiple species of forage such as orchard grass, nettles, and clover for her animals to munch on. With 29 goats and 18 kids Rebecca spends a lot of time and effort on providing diverse nutritional sources for her goats. By implementing biosecurity measures and protecting them from predators with an LGD, she has created a safe and comfortable place for all of her animals.

Cresto Family Farm in McMinneville, OR

Welcome to the Oregon Pasture Network Cresto Family Farm!  If you head to McMinnville you can catch our next new member, Cresto Family Farm. Katharine Cresto and her family took over this property less than three years ago and have already begun making it their own. In 2020 they started a pasture reseeding plan that has been a success. On their 28 acres they also have an orchard and a vineyard where they currently sell grapes to local wineries. They are now working on plans to integrate the crops and orchard more intensely into their pasture management. Currently pasturing cattle, they plan to eventually have sheep and chickens join them on their charming property.

Music Meadow Farm in Mollala, OR

Welcome to the Oregon Pasture Network Music Meadow Farm! In year 4 of operation, Music Meadow Farm in Molalla is poised and ready to grow their horizons. Currently operating on 4 acres of their 8 acre property, they raise kune kune pigs and heritage breed turkeys; however, chickens and quail might be right around the corner for them. Stewards of the land, they are currently working on testing their soil so that they can better choose varieties of forage that will do well on their property for their animals. We are inspired by their desire to learn and grow, and we are so excited to have them as part of the network!

McColl Meadows in Powell Butte, OR

Welcome to the Oregon Pasture Network McColl Meadows!  MaryAnn McColl of McColl Meadows in Powell Butte has already grabbed the “bull by the horns”, as she starts her journey into farming. She is laser focused on creating better food for her family and the community at large. Currently, she is raising a small herd of cattle and chickens on 10 acres of her 102 acre property. New to the farm, she is working diligently at removing invasive weeds and unproductive trees to ensure the health and safety of her livestock. Not to mention, she has two sweet and hard working LGDs!

Sweet Creek Ranch in Mapleton, OR

Welcome to the Oregon Pasture Network Sweet Creek Ranch! Right on the Siuslaw river you can find the historic Sweet Creek Ranch and its 170 acres of pasture and forest land. Naomi Lam purchased the property in 2019 and has already been able to restore pastures to be healthy and thriving. With an emphasis on education, Naomi has been running a summer camp for children to learn about native plants, wildlife habitats, and how to milk goats! Oh, and did we mention that they have goats, ducks, and geese? Currently using less than half of their available pasture, they are excited to learn more about what they can do to make best use of their incredible property.

Chintimini Ranch in Philomath, OR

Welcome to the Oregon Pasture Network Chintimini Ranch! Retired educators Cindy Crosby and Connie Jordan have gone back to their farming roots. Chintimini Ranch in Philomath is 65 acres of pure beauty. They are currently raising dexter cattle and pasturing horses on their property, as well as producing organic hay. With sustainability in mind they have taken steps to “go green” by implementing solar and wind power to generate electricity for their fencing. Last, but not least is their orchard of 35 trees that will be a great addition to their well rounded farm. Visit their facebook page to learn more about them and to keep up to date!

2 Fox Farm in Rickreall, OR

Welcome to the Oregon Pasture Network 2Fox Farm! Last, but certainly not least, we have 2Fox Farm! Donna Champeau and Debora Landforce, AKA the “tomato ladies”, are 4th generation farmers in Rickreall, and they do it all on their 160 acre property. They are working on succession planning, producing organic hay, restoring oak woodlands with a grant from the NRCS, curing live edge wood, and they even have a farm store on site. With so much available pasture they are looking to increase the amount of livestock they have on their property to round out their business.

TOP BANNER PHOTO : Gus Liszka tending sheep on pasture at Naked Acres Farm – OPN Member

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