Welcome Our 2023 Oregon Pasture Network Members!

Help us as we welcome the new 2023 Oregon Pasture Network members!

In the Fall each year, we are excited welcome a brand new cohort of pasture-based producers from across the state who have dedicated themselves to the humane treatment of animals and to cultivating healthy land that can be responsibly used for generations to come. Throughout the summer, we have visited each of these farms and seen their practices first hand. We hope that you will choose to support these incredible farms as your way of also building a resilient and economically viable pasture-based food system in Oregon! Help us in welcoming the OPN class of 2023!

Gribble Creek Cattle Company

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Molalla, Gribble Creek Cattle Company stands as a testament to ethical farming practices. Spread across 85 lush pastures, this thriving farm is owned by Jessica Endres, her husband, and their two daughters. Here, they tend to animals, including cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys with unwavering care and a commitment to their well-being. They employ a meticulous rotational grazing system that not only ensures the highest quality of life for their animals but also enhances the richness of the soil. We are thrilled to welcome Jessica and Gribble Creek Cattle Company to the Oregon Pasture Network, and we are beyond excited to work alongside them as they continue to grow their business and steward the land!

Star Grazer Farm

Star Grazer Farm, a beautiful 41 acre operation, is our next incredible new member to the Oregon Pasture Network! Owners Rainy and Brian Aznoe have introduced a new animal to the network.. yaks! Alongside their yak herd, they raise chickens, creating a harmonious blend of animals that thrive on their breathtaking property. Since 2009, Rainy and Brian have diligently rehabilitated the soil, crafting a thriving ecosystem rooted in the idea that soil and animals are interconnected. Their dedication has extended to a collaborative effort with the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District, further enhancing the land’s vitality. With plenty of land to continue growing their operation, we anticipate a lot of amazing updates from Star Grazer as they further expand. Welcome to the network!

Cast Iron Farm

Everyone welcome Cast Iron Farm to the Oregon Pasture Network! Cast Iron Farm is an exemplar for pasture-based producers. Owned and managed by Christine Anderson, this 14-acre haven is a testament to her unwavering dedication to responsible farming practices. At the heart of Cast Iron Farm are three majestic Jersey cows, who are the primary focus of her dairy operation. Christine also passionately raises sheep, yaks, pigs, chickens, and turkeys! She also stands as a champion for pasture-based producers in the policy arena, tirelessly advocating for improved opportunities for fellow producers statewide. Cast Iron Farm is not just a farm; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of animal agriculture and community advocacy.

Swingletree Farm

Welcome our next new member, Swingletree Farm! Under the caring guidance of owner and wetland ecologist, Kim Cartwright, Swingletree Farm is one amazing property to see out in Aurora. Her deep understanding of natural ecosystems has seamlessly integrated with her farming practices, resulting in a farm that thrives on the principles of ecological stewardship. She is currently tending to a diverse array of livestock including sheep, chickens, and bees! As one of the initial mentees in the Oregon Pasture Network’s mentorship program, Kim’s dedication to growth and improvement is clear and we have enjoyed hearing about her progress already! With a mixture of flat, hilling, open, and forested land, we are ecstatic to see all that she does as she continues growing her farm business! Welcome to the network Kim!

Cabin Hill Farms

Just outside of Grants Pass is where we find our next new member, Cabin Hill Farms. Situated on 36 sprawling acres, this dynamic farm is home to a diverse range of livestock including: cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and rabbits! Owner and operator, Katie Meade, bought this property about 3 years ago after it had been out of production for over 10 years. She has embarked on a mission to breathe new life into the soil, partnering with OSU extension to revitalize the land. Her vision extends beyond the farm’s boundaries, as her ultimate aspiration is to use her harvests to support those in need, hoping to eventually distribute animal products to homeless shelters and food banks. Katie also champions animal producers in her “day job” as the Humane Farming Program Associate at the Food Animal Concerns Trust. Welcome to the network Katie!

Flying Coyote Farm

Everyone say hello to Flying Coyote Farm, our next new member of the Oregon Pasture Network! Flying Coyote Farm, owned and operated by Lili Tova, is a thriving oasis located at the base of Mt. Hood in stunning Sandy! With a dedication to both animal and vegetable production, the farm harmoniously raises meat birds and pigs alongside the cultivation of certified organic fruits and vegetables. What truly sets Flying Coyote Farm apart is their unwavering commitment to enhancing soil quality through innovative and conscientious practices. Lili’s passion for continuous improvement led her to become one of the inaugural participants in the Oregon Pasture Network’s newly established mentorship program this year! We have heard nothing but the utmost praise from Lili’s mentor and look forward to continuing a relationship with Flying Coyote Farm for years to come!

Diley Commons

Our next new member to the Oregon Pasture Network, Diley Commons, has a unique and innovative approach to farming. Noah Oak Marquis, owner and operator of Diley Commons, is less concerned with the products of his labor, but what he and his animals can produce for the land. On his 7.5 acre property he plans to use a herd of sheep, intensively managing them, to return his land to native plants. Working with a 3 year grant, he plans to bring this model of farming to other properties through a shared co-op model where his sheep will be moved throughout the area to restore the soils of multiple properties! We look forward to keeping up with Noah on his farming journey as we believe his approach is one that will benefit the land, animals, and businesses for Oregon’s pasture-based producers!

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