Fall 2021 Virtual Classes

For farmers and ranchers, the learning never ends…

That’s why we are committed to offering some of the most comprehensive educational content, by farmers for farmers, to all of you within our community and beyond!

Every year, we endeavor to bring farmers, educators and other professionals with relevant experience to teach classes and facilitate events that help you do what you do, more efficiently and more effectively.

Customers change, laws change, and weather changes – any one of these things can have huge impacts on a farm business. So, if you’re farming in Oregon, then you have experienced two, if not all three of these things in the past 12 months. That’s why, this year, we want to hear from you. We want to find out what YOU want to learn so that we can give you what you need to build resilience and meet your farm goals. Whether you want a pasture-based course, or an animal husbandry 911, or a basic farm marketing course, or something else, please let us know.

Take this survey today and let us know what you need or want to learn this fall.

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