Rock ‘n Wool Ranch Claimed

Local Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised Meat

Rock N’ Wool Ranch is a small family-run business. We raise grass-fed cattle and sheep on our pastures year round.

What we do

We are working to heal our selves, our soils, our pastures and our community through rotational grazing. Our ranching practices use no imported fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.  We strive to raise all our own animal feed.  Our animals are born and raised on our pastures.  We graze in rotation, and harvest hay for winter feeding.

Breed Conservation

Navajo Churro sheep are the oldest domesticated sheep in North America, brought by Spaniards in the 16th century. Their population is rebounding from serious decline, and they are classified as a Threatened breed.  We are proud to shepherd this wonderful flock and have limited product available.  Navajo Churro are listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste, they are a rich, delicious low fat meat.


We have whole lambs and half (a side) of lamb available for reservation. Delivered in the spring, sold by hanging weight.


We have raw wool fleeces in a variety of colors.


We have whole, half (a side), and on occasion quarters (half a side) of beef available for reservation. Delivered in the fall and spring, sold by hanging weight.


Q Do you sell individual cuts of meat?

We prefer to sell a side or half-side (quarter) of beef or lamb. A side of beef can easily fit in a stand-up or chest freezer. Our meats are sold butcher cut, wrapped and frozen.

Q Do you sell offal or sweet meat?

We usually include the organs or sweet meats with the side of beef or whole lamb for those customers who request it. We might have surplus, on occasion, if a customer decides not to include these cuts in their order.

Q Do you use grains or other feed?

We raise our cattle and sheep on our grass pastures. We harvest hay from our pastures to supplement the animals in the winter. We do provide free-range minerals, kelp and molasses as supplements.

Q Are you certified organic?

We run our operation without external inputs to the greatest degree possible. We do not bring in fertilizer, and we do not use herbicides or pesticides. We do not use hormones or antibiotics (unless medically necessary). We are learning about bio-dynamic practices, and working to understand our farm as a living organism.

Q Will you deliver my meat order?

We usually pick up the meat from the packing plant in Springfield, and we can deliver within 30 miles of Springfield or you can pick up in either Springfield or Sweet Home.

Q Can I custom order the butcher cuts?

Custom orders are available for whole animals or side of beef. Usually, butcher cut orders include your preference for steak thickness, roast size (lbs), family size (determines # of cuts per package), and if you prefer more roasts/steaks or stew meat and grind.